Start collecting AR today with di. Payments!

di. Payments finds patients who owe you money, sends friendly text reminders, automatically follows up, collects the payment, and writes back into your practice software.

What you should know:

  • Send single text reminders or mass collect past due balances.

  • On average, collect an additional 25k in the first 3 months.

  • Texts include an electronic statement.

  • Patients can pay straight from the text message.

  • Get paid 12 days faster on average.

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We do all the work.

You just hit send.

You can rely on di. Payments to get smarter over time, learning and tweaking its automated workflow to ensure it's always bringing you the best results.

Step 1

Customize your workflow.

You can send single pay requests or set your own criteria for which patients you'd like to contact. Personalize and automate this process, so you don't have to pull any reports.

Step 2

Review and hit send.

Every morning we'll create a list of all patients who match your criteria. If everything looks good, just hit send, and a payment reminder will be delivered.

Step 3

Patient gets text message(s).

We’ll send out friendly, personalized text messages with a link for patients to view and pay their invoice. It’s simple. Your patient receives a text, clicks a link, and securely completes their payment. If one message doesn’t get the job done, we’ll send up to two reminder messages - easy as that.

Step 4

You get paid.

di. Payments will automatically process the receivable it collects and deposit the funds directly into your bank account.

Step 5

Your PMS is updated automatically.

The best part? di. Payments writes back all payment history into your practice management software so your information is always up-to-date.

Get paid faster.

With di. Payments, the world's smartest automated billing solution, you'll get paid faster, save valuable time, and gain peace of mind.

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di. Payments was built to solve problems like these:

"I used to have to download, print, and send each statement. One by one."

Every morning we’ll create a list of all patients who have a balance on their account, if everything looks good just hit send - that’s it.

“I used to have to download, print and send each statement. One by one.”

Now there’s no paper and no hassle. di. Payments turns what used to be an entire day of work into a few easy clicks, and you don’t have to go anywhere near a post office.

“It was so awkward to ask patients for the money they owed.”

No more awkward or uncomfortable phone calls. With di. Payments we automatically send payment requests to patients.


It's a no-brainer to us, but we want to make sure your questions get answered. Here's a few frequently asked questions to help tackle any of your concerns.

How much is it?

di .Payments is not a subscription, the app is totally free to add! If you choose to use this feature, you only pay at-cost per transaction (interchange + dues & assessments) and a 1% AR Management fee toward the past-due patient finder, e-statements, automation, and ledger write-back capabilities. If you don’t use di. Payments, you won’t be charged a thing!

How do I know if a payment has been collected?

Our Payments Dashboard displays tasks that need your approval, payments that have been collected, and funds deposited into your bank account. You may enable ledger write-back, and your PMS will always be up-to-date.

How many texts will my patients get?

You can customize your flow to send up to 3 text messages to your patients. If those don’t do the trick, we’ll automatically create a follow-up for office use so you can be reminded to contact the patient directly. 

Can I use di. Payments alone, without Dental Intelligence?

You must have a Dental Intelligence dashboard to access our Payments feature. However, we have several packages you can choose from to suit your needs. Interested in learning more, you can contact us here:

How long does it take to get setup?

Setup takes less than 10 minutes. Complete your settings and you’ll be good to go.

What payment methods do you accept?

Your patients can complete their payments using a debit, credit or HSA card. As time goes on, we'll be adding more payment types to make sure we're always providing the best possible experience for your practice and your patients.

Do I need to switch my current merchant account?

You will need to add a new merchant in order to use di. Payments.

Get paid faster.

With di. Payments, the world's smartest automated billing solution, you'll get paid faster, save valuable time, and gain peace of mind.

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